Our Mission

Our mission at Breakerbox is to create meaningful value for our customers by changing the way power is procured and managed.

After years of working in the energy industry, we founded Breakerbox because we were frustrated by the growing gap between all that is possible, and what is being delivered to customers.

Here’s what we were seeing and why we knew we needed to do something:

After more than 20 years of competitive energy markets, there's been almost no change to energy procurement strategies. This is not acceptable; we’ve been doing this long enough to create better strategies which generate better results.

Principally, we’ve realized two elements are missing from the current procurement advisory process: 1. advisors only get offers from a limited set of suppliers when more competitive bids are available and 2. advisors pay little attention to the price of energy in the time-domain, instead electing to advise clients when it’s convenient for the advisor. Additionally, we believe the customer experience can be significantly improved by leveraging software to streamline communications and data exchange.

The way that competitive energy markets are presented to customers is needlessly complicated and opaque. This perceived complexity is a barrier to customers actively managing their energy costs and risks.

Competitive energy markets are overdue for the change they promised in the first place. We are changing the energy procurement paradigm and redesigning how businesses can simply and effectively manage their energy risks and costs.