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The full picture of the market and your goals.

We will never cut corners in the procurement process in order to close a transaction.

Breakerbox utilizes data science, transparency, and experience to make sure you understand the full picture when it comes to achieving your organization’s energy goals… today and in the future. If it is not a good time to buy, we will tell you that.

We will never manipulate prices to make them look better.

Fair, transparent, fees

Breakerbox will never attempt to maximize our margin by offering you the bare minimum portion of savings that we uncover.

We believe in full transparency across the board and that you should receive all the information related to your business’s energy contract.

Many customers we have worked with in the past can not answer one simple question when we ask it… “How much are you paying your broker?”

Breakerbox caps our margin with a transparent fee that is always clearly communicated. Sure we earn less margin than our competitors, but our customers trust us more.

We like it better that way.

A partnership built on your long-term success

Breakerbox won’t ghost you after you sign an energy contract.
We partner with you through the life of the contract to provide data, analytics, support, and answers to any questions you may have.
How do you know how you’re performing to plan?
Do you even have a plan?

At Breakerbox, we partner with you beyond the life of the contract offering:

  • Post-deal analytics and reporting that helps you see where you are relative to plan.
  • Regular check-ins with your energy consultant (as requested) to go over your usage data and answer any questions.
  • Support with any questions you may have.

Market maker over market taker

Most organizations have specific goals to lower energy costs by some percentage year over year.

Breakerbox works with you to make the market work for you long-term.
We will never pressure you to buy during a less than ideal time just so we can put a transaction on the books.

Sometimes that means advising you not to buy today for the benefit of tomorrow. If that’s the case, we will tell you.

First step, let’s talk.
We need to learn about you, your business and your goals.

Then, we will collect and analyze your usage data and get prices from our supply partners.

Next, we will share our recommendations and help you select the right contract.

How much could your organization be saving on energy?

We want to help you find out! Fill out this form and someone will reach out soon to setup a time that’s convenient to connect on your goals.

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