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One broker for all your facilities…nationwide.

If you have multiple buildings, facilities or campuses across the country you know the challenges of managing energy supply contracts across different utility territories, suppliers and contract terms, Breakerbox has electricity and natural gas supply broker licenses and agreements with many suppliers in markets across the United States.

Simplifying the enterprise contracting process.

Contracting across various states has its challenges. Each utility has it’s own tariffs, structures and schedules and every energy supplier has their own unique terms, conditions and product components. Breakerbox’s energy advisors listen to your needs, do the work of analyzing the options and then present procurement options to optimize your energy budget across your facility portfolio.

Energy insight for all decision influencers.

Making decisions in large, enterprise companies can be complicated. CFOs, Energy Managers, Facility Managers, Procurement Managers, Legal teams and Billing departments all have their own concerns and processes. Breakerbox understands how enterprise decisions are made and works with all departments and stakeholders across your company.

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If you are looking for help deciding on an energy contract feel free to send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible. When you engage one of our advisors we learn about your current costs and usage and talk you through your options. Book a time slot with one of our energy advisors and be prepared with your recent energy bill or any info about your current contract.

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