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Craig Wilson


Craig Wilson has a deep history in energy, channel sales and technology. With a diverse background and a passion for innovation, Craig continues to seek out different perspectives and shapes them into valuable solutions for customers. Craig has had many successes over his career building and leading high performing teams. He has and continues to be an active coach and mentor to many leaders.

Craig is an outdoor enthusiast and while his adventures may change with the seasons, they always revolve around his family.

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Chris Buzby


Chris Buzby is an energetic leader focused on creating innovative cultures, cultivating entrepreneurship and creating efficiency in large organizations through emerging technology and design thinking. Prior to founding Breakerbox, Chris launched numerous products for the largest energy company in the US and has been the lead for distributed ledger technology, drones and robotics as well as advanced analytics for a Fortune 100 company.

When he is not jumping into new customer challenges, he is racing cars or enjoying time with his family.

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Nick Jasset


Nick Jasset is a tech entrepreneur with experience in financial services, technology, and mobility. Previously, Nick launched Sheprd out of Jaguar Land Rover's VC arm, InMotion Ventures, where he was CEO, and has served as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Shell and IDEO.

When he's not disrupting markets with technology, he enjoys Jiu-Jitsu and spending time with his Bernese Mountain Dog in Vermont.

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Nancy Maya


Nancy Maya is an experience architect and user-centered designer. She brings brand visions from idea to reality through iterative data-driven design, specializing in systems thinking across small to large scale web, app, and product initiatives. Nancy has also launched award-winning work in a number of spaces including healthcare, retail, education, travel and gaming.

Some would say her superpower is her empathetic perspective to design, but more importantly, others know her as a multilingual cat mom, salsa dancer, and classical violinist.

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Andy Bokalders


Andy Bokalders has spent his entire career in the energy industry, from designing utility distribution systems to wholesale trading risk management. With an engineering background, he has always had a passion to make operations run more efficiently. Working in various roles and observing the procurement process from different angles, Andy consistently felt customers deserve a smarter, easier way to purchase their electricity, which drove him to join the Breakerbox team.

Outside of the office, Andy enjoys attempting to lower his handicap on the golf course and rooting for all things Chicago.

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Travis Graf


Travis Graf is a dedicated advocate for customers looking to get the most out of their future energy contracts. Having spent over half his career in the electricity industry in the Texas deregulated market, Travis knows how to navigate customers through the process and deliver sustainable value to their business's bottom line. He has also developed a strong reputation for providing outstanding, responsive, and honest services to his clients while making sure they're getting the best deals for their specific needs. Because of this reputation, Travis is excited to be a part of the Breakerbox team and a company with a strong mission toward creating an honest, thoughtful, and straightforward approach to streamlining your energy costs.

When Travis is not in the office he is busy raising two kids with his wife, coaching 5-year-old tee ball, helping with soccer, manning the grill for family and friends, traveling globally and cheering on one of his many sports teams, especially The Kansas City Chiefs.

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Tim Morris


Tim Morris has been developing software in the energy space for more than a decade. He enjoys making things and solving problems with technology. He also agrees with Frederick Brooks' assertion that we (people) have an instinctive desire to create; Tim feels fortunate that he can make a living building things, essentially playing with (virtual) legos.

In his spare time, Tim enjoys volunteer work, books, history and traveling with his family.

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Marco Carvalho


Marco Carvalho is an IT expert with a Computer Science background that started developing software when he was 12 years old. An equally accomplished leader, he was the founder and CEO of SolidSys at the age of 18 which was acquired in January 2015 after amassing over 300 clients and 5 widely used platforms. He has previously led projects for multinational clients, including Heineken, Petrobras, Asten, Biomin and AMBEV Technology. Marco also led the Health IT Infrastructure for the largest health coop in the world (UNIMED Brazil).

When Marco is not coding, he enjoys his free time brewing his own beer with his dad and spending time with his family.

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Brandi Kinard


Brandi is a creative technologist who enjoys working on meaningful, vision-driven projects. She has enjoyed a wide range of professional and personal experiences including creating interactive new media art, pitching at tech startup competitions, teaching computer science with Girls Who Code in Silicon Valley, and joining IDEO Colab for a week-long design sprint centered on their Collaborative Cities portfolio.

She is currently working towards an MFA degree in Design and Technology at The New School in New York City.

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Sachin Mallya


Sachin Mallya has a depth of experience in sales and trading, market research, and data analytics within the energy industry. A born problem-solver, he has always looked for better ways to do things. The opportunity to build a new and innovative platform to provide a better energy procurement experience brought him to Breakerbox.

While he’s not looking for new solutions, Sachin is looking for restaurants and breweries to visit around DC.

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Jessica Wrightsel


Jessica Wrightsel has a long history of Sales experience, customer relations, and contract negotiations. She has focused that last 10 years on energy consulting, helping her customers navigate their way through Energy Procurement. Jessica works on the customer’s behalf for the rates and terms that best suit the customer’s specific needs. Key to Jessica’s long-term relationships is a focus on honesty and transparency. Jessica is excited to be a part of the Breakerbox team and to continue helping businesses maximize profit through her expertise in the energy market.

Outside of work, she enjoys any outdoor adventure and has a love for alpine skiing and any water sport. She loves to spend time with family, and be entertained by her three German Shepherds and three hilarious kitties!

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Charlie Hill