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Compare Commercial Electricity Prices Online

Let Breakerbox guide your business to savings with clear insights on when to buy, what to buy, and how to save.

My business needs energy for:

Lock in a low price.

Our analysts crunch data from various sources including: climate, government policies, and your historical energy usage; we keep an eye on prices and let you know when to buy so you can save more.

Choose the right contract.

Don’t be fooled by ballooning prices or unexpected charges. Breakerbox helps minimize your risk by calling out contract pitfalls and highlighting contracts with the lowest expected lifetime cost.

THE Process

4 Simple Steps

First, you provide your business's address

Then, we pull the best prices from our partners

Next, we recommend the best contract for your business

Finally, you sign online and enjoy your savings!

What could you save?

Breakerbox clients have saved an average of 17% on their business’ energy costs.

  • We helped save a restaurant 8% on its energy bill.
    That’s 104 burger platters!
  • We helped save a chiropractor 59% on his energy bill.
    That’s 33 back adjustments!
  • We helped a chain of ice cream shops save 14.5% on its energy bill. ‍That’s 1,154 vanilla ice cream cones!


How much can your business save when you switch energy suppliers?

$7,200:  Average amount spent by businesses on electricity annually

5 minutes:  Average amount of time it takes to switch business energy suppliers

30% +:  Savings some customers have realized on business electricity supply rates by switching

Things to know before buying…

No increased risk of power outages

Regardless of the supplier you choose with Breakerbox, your utility is still responsible for ensuring that you have reliable power.

Why are prices cheaper than my utility?

Because electric utilities buy and sell so much energy, they are heavily regulated to protect energy suppliers and consumers. These regulations generally have the effect of setting utility prices higher than competitive market prices.

Market Timing

Breakerbox makes its contract recommendations based on statistical models that identify when prices are inexpensive, normal, or expensive relative to previous prices.

What are you waiting for?

Find and compare contracts online today.

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